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The Foreword of Leon Robertson's new book on the stock market: "There are dozens of books on the stock market. So why write another? Because I have found that most popular stock-trading rules of thumb and systems touted in books, magazines and websites are unreliable when tested scientifically. The tales of their effectiveness are myths. If you are investing based on the recommendations of one or more of the myth makers, you are at risk of underperformance at best and big losses at worst. Chapters 1-9 deal with the myths and how they were exposed. To optimize returns, investors need to know how to evaluate trading systems by comparing average annual percentages return (APR). In this book, readers learn how to calibrate buy and sell limits for trading to optimize APR. Using free Internet downloads of decades of equity prices, the limits are developed using half of a series of prices and then are tested for their reliability using the other half of the series. Using these methods, I have discovered a new stock trading system that doubles investment returns on relatively safe exchange traded funds (ETFs). Anyone who can operate a hand calculator can profit from use of the system. Readers who are a bit more computer savvy learn to test their own ideas based on scientific methods using free software downloaded from the Internet. Chapters 10-12 reveal the new trading system and how to use free computer programs to develop your own." To use the new systems, the data must be updated and the programs run to see which equities are a buy.

The suite of computer programs that can be used to update those in the book and test stocks not discussed in the book can be downloaded here. Before attempting the download, read Chapter 12 of the book to obtain instructions for downloading and using the programs.

Download stock software:

Dr. Robertson is coauthor of 6 books and the sole author of 8:

STOCK MARKET SCIENCE vs. MYTH: How to Test Before You Invest Click to order (Also available on Kindle, Nook, and the IPad; just Google the title)

THE HOA MURDERS - A Novel of Suspense,(www.lulu.com, 2011) Click to order
(Also available on Kindle, Nook, and the IPad; just Google the title)

 HILLBILLY to HARVARD to YALE (http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/nanlee252000) Click to order

THE EXPERT WITNESS SCAM (Mightywords.com, 2000; www.lulu.com, 2006) Click to order

INJURY EPIDEMIOLOGY: Third Edition (Oxford University Press, 2007) Click to order


INJURY EPIDEMIOLOGY (Oxford University Press,1992)




Leon S. Robertson, Ph.D., is a retired injury epidemiologist. During 1978-98 he occupied various positions in the Institution for Social and Policy Studies and the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at Yale University. He previously served on the faculties of Harvard University Medical School (1966- 70) and Wake Forest University (1962-65). He also conducted statistical research on injuries in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. (1970-78)

Dr. Robertson contributed 150 articles and chapters to the scientific literature. He was a member of the National Research Council/Institute of Medicine Committee on Trauma Research that produced the report, INJURY IN AMERICA: A CONTINUING PUBLIC HEALTH PROBLEM and was vice chair of the NRC committee that reviewed the injury control program of the Centers for Disease Control. He also served on the National Research Council Panel on Occupational Safety and Health Statistics and chaired the special interest group on Injury Control and Emergency Health Services of the American Public Health Association. He was given the Distinguished Career Award by the latter group.

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Driver Education

Habitual Offenders

Motorcyclist Helmet Laws

Roadside Hazards

Seat Belts

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Vehicle Safety Standards

Injury Epidemiology, Third Edition (Oxford University Press, June, 2007) Click on the chapters below to find links and updates.

Chapt. 1 Injury and the Role of Epidemiology

Chapt. 2 Energy Characteristics and Control Strategies

Chapt. 3 Research Objectives and Usable Data

Chapt. 4 Injury Severity  

Chapt. 5 Injury Statistics  

Chapt. 6 National Injury Surveillance  

Chapt. 7 Local Injury Surveillance  

Chapt. 8 The Use and Abuse of Causal Analysis  

Chapt. 9 Research Designs and Data Analysis  

Chapt. 10 Human Factors  

Chapt. 11 Evaluation of Programs to Change Human Factors Voluntarily  

Chapt. 12 Evaluation of Laws and Rules Directed at Individual Behavior  

Chapt. 13 Evaluation of Agent, Vehicle and Environmental Modifications

Chapt. 14 Evaluation of Postinjury Treatment and Rehabilitation  

Chapt. 15 Injury Epidemiology and Economics

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